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Hamburg Klezmer Band

The Hamburg Klezmer Band is a virtuosic ensemble. The three of four experienced musicians - active in various projects worldwide - have their Jewish roots mostly in the countries of the former Soviet Union.


The Hamburg Klezmer Band plays an extremely versatile and varied program of Jewish, Moldovan, Ukrainian and Romanian music, deeply rooted, highly virtuosic and intensely danceable with lots of soul and spirit. With the ability to play authentic and true to tradition, the musicians like to go new ways and make occasional trips to other genres and cultures. This makes the musical performances of the band an exciting and unique experience.


In 2010 the band released the first CD "In The Beginning". Hamburg Klezmer Band worked also with Augsburger Philharmoniker Orchestra (GER).


In 2016, the band recorded the soundtrack for the animated film "Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto" (Chika, a dog in the ghetto).


Since 2018, the group collaborates with the Hamburg artist Pavel Ehrlich, creating a unique live-symbiosis of music and painting during the concert.




Mark Kovnatskiy - violin, vocal

Stanislav Dinerman - accordion

Axel Burkhardt - double base

Evgenii Lizin - poyk, drums

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