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Di Yidishe Neshome

Two virtuosi take you on a deeply touching journey through the soul of Yiddish music. 


Pianist/accordionist Dr. Alan Bern has been a pioneer in the international revival of Yiddish music for 40 years. He played a.o. with Itzhak Perlman and Brave Old World and in 1999 founded Yiddish Summer Weimar, the most important summer institute and festival for Yiddish music worldwide. 


His younger colleague, violinist Mark Kovnatskiy, plays i.a. with the Hamburg Klezmer Band and the Joel Rubin Klezmer Ensemble. He is at the head of a generation that has saved the sensitive playing style of the old Klezmorim for the present and developed it further. 


The duo shines with traditional klezmer pieces, works by Russian-Jewish composers such as Joel Engel and Josef Achron, and with their own compositions.


Mark Kovnatskiy - violin, vocal

Alan Bern - piano, accordion

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