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Salonorchester Gnadenlos

Salon orchestra merciless from Hamburg - lively nostalgia in the style of the 20s. In its concert programs, the orchestra takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through past decades of German light music. The pieces are connected with the charming and funny moderation of the singer Ferdinand. The melody instruments violin and clarinet join the singer's tenderly melting voice. The piano, double bass and drums provide the rhythm.


The latest program of the salon orchestra is entitled "Melodie Royal". In addition to Foxtrot and Tango, you can also hear swing rarities.

Wonderfully slimy evergreens like "My girl is just a saleswoman", thrilling swing titles like "Give me a kiss on the phone" and witty original compositions like "Stay tuned with salon orchestras" are served as part of a mercilessly funny stage show.




Christian Gosch - vocals & piano,

Karsten Rachui - clarinet,

Mark Kovnatskiy - violin,

Stephan Kawski - double bass

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